Friday, July 10, 2009

woahhh. i gotta catch up on my summer!

first of all i want to start off this post telling Tanner, Chan, and Jill happy belated birthday!!! love ya!

woah! i've been so busy this summer! so i'm gonna do some catchin up..

the summer started out on the last day of school..middle school! with my favorite teacher ever Mrs. Ingersoll!!! it was sad.
after the last day there was an eighth grade party at the boat dock that was really funnnnn. Then that night was Garrett's graduation!

then i had my dance recital!! i got my 10 year award!

the next week i went to IDFY. it was really fun!

then i went to girls camp!! it was wayyyy fun! i loved it.

then the next week i went to cheer camp in utah! it was a blast!!

and boating for the 4th of July!

and swimming with Hannah!!

welllllli hope i can do better at bloggin cuz i totally got out of it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

3 birthdays!!!

I've missed some birthdays!!! so i'll combine it into 1.
May 9th was Angie's birthday. Angie is my awesome big sister and she's definitely the leader of all the kids!! I go to visit her and her girls at her house and i absolutely LOVE going there! She's a great hostess. She always puts up with me and she's great! Love ya Ang.

Yesterday was Zoe's birthday! and she's turning 14 so now she's in miamaids!!! woohoo! Zoe's just a short cute little friend and i love her!
Ali's birthday is today. Ali's way fun to be around and i had tons of fun with her at lagoon on thursday!!! she made me go on rides that i would never believe i would go on!! she's a great friend.

Monday, April 27, 2009

happy birthday CAROL!!!

carolee's birthday was on Sunday!! Carolee's one of my awesome friends and is so hilarious!! she laughs at everything (like today in science, you know what i mean carol) haha she's the life of the party! Happy birthday carol! i hope your day was filled with sweet sugary goodness. :]

Thursday, April 9, 2009

happy birthday to my favorite little girl!!!

sorry I'm so late, but my niece Halle turned 2 on tuesday! Halle is sooo fun to be around and is just so funny. I love when she says my name, "Whiteet" (don't know why there's a T at the end of it, thats just how she says it), its just so fun to hear her talk. I love going to visit her and play with Dee, Halde, and Bubba...hahaha.

We had a birthday party for her at our house on Sunday and she was sure happy seeing all her presents!!!giving Bubba a ride in the shopping cart

Sunday, April 5, 2009

where have I been you ask???

oh my i haven't blogged in forever!!! I haven't been TOO busy but i've been too lazy to blog. Blame Facebook!'s whats been going on in my life.

I totally went to see my husband perform in Idaho Falls!!!! I think you can guess who that is...yes your right. David Archuleta. He's such a stud and a good singer and I love him!!! I went ALOT of people too it was fun!

Jaxson & Annie

Jaxson, Annie, & me

yes we took alot of pictures.

Lesley Roy opened for david...i absolutely love her and fell in love with her BEFORE the concert. she is awesome!
and the best person in the world!.....

lol i love him.

last friday i went and spent the night at carols!!! :)

she curled my hair and it was soooo cute!

and this past weekend I went and hung out at Angies. :) i love going there!

me and annie babysat! this picture shows how hyper we were when it was late!

haha halle loves chocolate chip cookies!

and she fell asleep...surrounded by babies.

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